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Some brokers like LimeFx, IG, and TMGM allow you to choose from 1000s of global shares so LimeFx might not be the best choice if you like trading and require a variety of shares CFDs. This type of account is certainly for more advanced traders, and if you’re just getting started in the markets, could be a good thing to strive for in the future. All accounts come with a personal account manager, which is just a fancy word for a customer service agent. While the numbers above use the spreads brokers publish on their website, Ross Collins from our team tested the spreads for standard accounts for 20 brokers to see how they performed. Our exclusive trading tools will help you take your trading experience to the next level. They providelucrative programs without standing support and advanced technology.


Whatever your trading strategy, level of funding or appetite for risk, there is an account to match your needs. There is a reason why foreign exchange, or forex, is the largest financial market in the world; It allows trading on currency fluctuations. Go short or long on Forex CFDs, take advantage of the superior trading conditions offered by HF Markets and become an active forex trader in the global markets. LimeFx is an online trading brand with high prestige in thefinance world, with certifications and awards to substantiate theirreliability. They are a well-regulated STP broker with awards for its clientprotection and product offerings. 70% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with HF Markets (Europe) Ltd.

LimeFx Trading Conditions

Using in-house data collection at CompareForexBrokers, we got an insight into the size of the spreads offered by LimeFx. We take published spreads from the broker’s website and compare them with other brokers. The HF Markets Group has won a number of industry awards, including best stock limefx review broker, best trading platform broker, and best forex trading app. Our LimeFx (HF Markets) review looks at the key features this Forex broker has to offer. With ECN-like trading conditions, MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and over 50 forex pairs, see what we say about the broker.

What is the minimum deposit at LimeFx?

Metals are available on the Spot market including Gold,Silver against the USD, and Euro. LimeFx demo accounts are easy to set up and come with live pricing, virtual account balances of up to $100,000 and unlimited usage. Beginner traders will find it easy to deposit and withdraw from LimeFx and be able to trade with tiny amounts of capital. If you’re from the UK, Europe or the UAE, LimeFx is a highly regulated broker with a respectable amount of tradable products. If you’re Australian, you’ll need to find another broker, as LimeFx doesn’t offer their services to the land down under. I found the volume of research released by the analyst team to be more than sufficient for keeping most traders up to date with the latest market movements.

Winner of over 60 Industry Awards

We tested the platform with LimeFx and except for some personalised branding, MT4 with LimeFx has all the features we expect to see. ForexBrokers.com has been reviewing online forex brokers for over six years, and our reviews are the most cited in the industry. Each year, we collect thousands of data points and publish tens of thousands of words of research. For the superior trading conditions, flexibility and reliability HF Markets offers to its traders. HF Markets offers multi-asset trading through the world’s most advanced next generation online trading platform MetaTrader 5. Forex trading also offers high liquidity, low transaction costs, leveraged trading and the ability to trade 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Each year we publish tens of thousands of words of research on the top forex brokers and monitor dozens of international regulator agencies (read more about how we calculate Trust Score here). They provide service to more than 180 countries across the globe andoffer both STP and ECN trading platforms. LimeFx is a forex and commoditiesbroker and is the brand name of HF Markets Group.

At HF Markets, you can access a wide variety of educational resources to help you improve your trading skills. These currency pairs are referred to as major currency pairs, and they account for more than 80% of the daily trading volume in the Forex market. LimeFx provides the universally recognized MetaTrader 4 platform as their trading platform.

Micro Account has the lowest minimum deposit and offers allthe features of our other account types.& access to all trading instrumentson LimeFx. You can trade micro-lots with this account, at 40% Margin call leveland 10% stop out level. No commission involved, but you have to account for thevariable spread (a benchmark figure of 1.3 pips). You can trade a maximum of 7Lots per trade up to a maximum number of 150 orders.

With MQL, traders can write and execute their own custom trading algorithms and automated strategies, known as Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs allow traders to automate their trades based on pre-defined criteria, such as technical indicators or market conditions. This can help traders to save time and reduce the emotional impact of trading, as well as potentially increase the efficiency and accuracy of their trades. Overall, the use of MQL and automated trading with EAs is a popular feature of MT5, providing traders with a flexible and powerful tool for executing their trades in the financial markets. At HF Markets, we offer multiple account types to suit the specific requirements of different traders.

  1. LimeFx is a safe broker, considering they are regulated by top-tier financial authorities.
  2. You can trade micro-lots with this account, at 40% Margin call leveland 10% stop out level.
  3. Forex tradersalso get a range of different calculators, which will help them determinecritical aspects of each trade.
  4. LimeFx provides the universally recognized MetaTrader 4 platform as their trading platform.

We also take an in-depth look at each broker’s commissions and fees, such as bid/ask spreads – including the average spread data for some of the most popular forex currency pairs. We research other trading costs, such as inactivity or custody fees, minimum deposit requirements, VIP rebates and/or discounts, and a range of other important fee-based data points. LimeFx offers an extensive range of over 150 tradeable assetsto its clients. LimeFx offers a wide range of tradable markets, including forex trading, stocks, indices, bonds, commodities, ETFs, energy products, and even crypto CFDs. The company offers both dealing desk and non-dealing desk trading, depending on the specific account type you choose to open. The MT5 mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows traders to access their trading accounts from anywhere, at any time.

If your prediction is correct and the value of the US Dollar does increase, you can sell your US Dollars for more Euros than you originally paid. If the price moves the opposite direction to your prediction, the value of the US Dollar will be lower than you originally paid. Itis a very comprehensive offering and is led by the LimeFx Head Markets Analyst.

To start trading on the MT5 platform you need to have an MT5 trading account with HF Markets. Discover outstanding features and capabilities to enhance your trading experience. Our mission is to provide the best customer service to our clients by maintaining a superb client-centric culture. HF Markets aims to lead the way through the use of cutting-edge technology, innovative system solutions and unrivalled customer service. By trading Forex CFDs, individuals can buy and sell currencies based on the predicted difference in exchange rates. For example, if you believe that the value of the US Dollar will increase against the Euro, you can buy US Dollars with Euros at the current exchange rate.

They are differentfrom trading stocks where the parties don’t own the underlying asset but make profit/loss based on the price fluctuations of the underlying asset. You can trade both Spot marketIndices (plural for Index) as well as the Futures market. Examples of Indicesinclude Australia 200, France 40, US Wall Street 30, etc.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of trading accounts a client can open on HF Markets MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Since 2010, HF Markets Group has empowered traders to pursue opportunities in the financial markets. We have become a one-stop shop for cutting-edge technology, wide-ranging education and superior trading conditions. https://limefx.group/ Forex, short for foreign exchange, is a decentralized global market where currencies are traded. One of the key advantages of forex trading is that it allows individuals and institutions to trade on currency volatility. LimeFx provides traders with favourable trading conditions thatare considerably better than many other online trading brokerages.

You can choose between the MT4 and MT5 platforms and the LimeFx App to start trading Forex. Commodities are sensitive to political and economic events,which makes them attractive to traders. You can trade Palladium contracts on Spot markets and avariety of commodities like Coffee, Cocoa, Copper, Cotton, Sugar, and SoybeanOil contracts on Futures markets on LimeFx. The leverage that LimeFx offers you varies greatly, depending on where you’re located, whether you’re a retail or professional trader, and which products you choose to trade. The broker does not have a minimum deposit requirement to open cent, zero, and premium accounts.