Background of the Project

In it’s riverside setting, Ingleton’s open-air 20m heated swimming pool is an idyllic place to swim. The pool is managed by the local community. It was dug out and built by local volunteers in 1933. It took a year to complete, opening in July 1934 and was originally filled from the river every week.

A major modernisation was carried out in 1974 when the pool was reduced in size, tiled, heated and the water treated for the first time. Since then many other improvements have been made.

The Toddlers shallow play pool was lost in the 1974 modernization. We believe it will be fantastic to provide a Splash Zone with a learning and countryside theme to attract and entertain younger children and their families within Ingleton and surrounding areas (the nearest splash park is currently 22 miles  (40 mins drive) from Ingleton.

The Concept


Children from toddlers upward and their families will all benefit.

The pool is currently a very strong tourist attraction for Ingleton. A splash zone will enhance the overall experience visitors and residents currently have, making us a destination attraction for families with younger children.

As swimming is a key life skill  (and 1 in 3 children leave primary school unable to swim a length) the opportunity to play in a safe and fun water play environment will help increase children’s water confidence. These are the future swimmers of Ingleton pool.

There will be a positive (and much needed) financial benefit to local businesses including cafes, shops, pubs, restaurants and accommodation providers.

The swimming pool currently opens from mid May to end of August, the introduction of a splash zone will enable us to have an outdoor water attraction for approximately 2 additional months of the year.


With a learning and countryside theme the splash zone will:

• Provide stimulating interactive water play

• Capture children’s imaginations

• Stimulate children’s senses

• Increase children’s water confidence

• Bring water players back to nature

• Encourage family-friendly entertainment

• Provide an active alternative for a healthy lifestyle

• Provide a safe and fun place for children to play

It is an ideal, safe recreation attraction for children of all ages, their families, residents and visitors, to complement our beautiful open-air pool.


Initial cost estimates for this project are in the region of £150,000.

As a charity with limited funds, it is anticipated that the money for this project will be raised through community fundraising events, local & corporate sponsorship and through successfully securing grants and support for such a fantastic project from organisations like you.


Ingleton Rural Community Association

Charitable Incorporated Organisation

‘No. 1171743’